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Dream a Little Dream

Age 5+

‘Even in the Darkest dreams there is light…’
Dream a little dream is an intimate outdoor theatre adventure for an audience of 20.
The show begins in a bell tent and follows the journey of Luna who is caught in a bad dream. The only way out of her bad dream is to find something beautiful. The audience go on a journey with her to help her do just that, looking for faces in the clouds, breathing in dream flowers and putting worries on rainbow coloured webs. The whole piece is underpinned by live ukulele scoring.


Engaging with these installations in the show can lower anxiety and promote self-regulation, encouraging audiences to notice the extraordinary in the everyday extraordinary. 

This show toured parks in Belfast in summer of 2018 and was the first piece of theatre to be performed in Belfast’s Tropical Ravine.

The creation of this show was supported by Belfast City Council and the MAC Belfast.


'Dream a little Dream' was magical, enchanting and accessible.


Arts Council Northern Ireland

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