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One Starry Night

All Ages

“Not last night but the night before a star crashed down on to the floor, it fell so fast it fell so hard, the ground shook, the star shattered and out of the star the wishes splattered!!!”

 One starry Night is an outdoor evening outdoor theatre adventure for children and their grownups. Families are met by Luna the Night Fairy who is in charge of all the magic in the sky and some how she has managed to let a star fall from the sky and out of the star all the wishes splattered!!! The audience go on a night time adventure to help collect up all the wishes and get them back up to the sky before anyone notices. Wishes are hidden all over the park in magical installations and Moon drops light their way from wish to wish.

wish at night.jpg

‘Place To Wonder’ put on a brilliant show for the kids and showed the sort of patience and understanding needed to really make it work, especially for a large group of kids of all varying ages and attention spans.  


Pastie Bap - Belfast Reviewer

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