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We have extensive experience designing workshops that support the curriculum (including foundation stage, key stage 1 and 2) we use creative narratives and characters that bring subjects to life and break down complicated concepts, from going on a carbon footprint detective hunt to find out more about climate change, to meeting characters from the Victorian times.

All workshops are engaging, visceral and tactile, inspiring the more kinesthetic learners.

We also design workshops that support the emerging forest school programmes.

We can adapt and design workshops to support children of all abilities and needs.

children and polar bear.jpg

‘Place to Wonder’ took us to the moon and back with this energetic, magical and wonderful workshop delivered for our Developmental Programme for 2 Year Olds.   This workshop does your heart good but I expect since Samantha brings a sense of wonder wherever she go that all the workshops do the same.


Tracey Wilson - East Belfast Sure Start Coordinator

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