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Seashell Stories

All Ages

When you don’t know which way to go, go back to the sea and remember who you came here to be!!!'

This immersive storytelling adventure is designed to be performed in a beach setting. A magical mermaid takes the audience around the beach to find the hidden stories that connect to the ocean.


Using storytelling, song and the magic of the sea, children and their grownups get an insight into the magnitude plastic and pollution is having on our extraordinary planet. A creative opportunity to learn, explore and honour the sea.


Samantha's storytelling is encapsulating as an adult, listening with the children it brings me back to my inner child. Making wishes and filling our hearts with love. Nurturing my inner child. Her beautiful and gentle nature rubbed off on my daughter who loved the mermaid story. Encouraged and sparked her own creativity to become a mermaid. We can't wait to attend in the future! 


Michelle Gratton - Holistic Practitioner

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